Honeywell, Limited Brands, Motorola, Qwest and Coors Brewing Company have afforded me the opportunity to learn how to work with external and internal audiences to ensure that strategic business objectives are met by leaders and Companies alike. Here are some highlights of my corporate and consulting career.

• Seasoned professional with the bulk of my career in corporate communications with an
  emphasis on internal and executive communications.

• Consultant to corporations, public utilities, Universities, law firms and REIT’s while Principal at
  GBSM, Inc., a Denver based management consulting firm.

• Senior executive that has lead internal communication functions at Honeywell Aerospace, Limited Brands,   
  Qwest and Motorola.

• External communications professional who has provided media and public relations support for Coors Brewing
  Company leadership, products and Western Region distributors.

• Experienced leaders with management responsibilities for large and small teams using direct report,
  matrixed and outsourced models.

• International partner experienced in capturing cultural nuances in strategic plans and communications.

I’m very excited about the prospect of putting my skills and experiences to work for you. And, I’m not in this alone.
A consortium of former corporate executives with marketing, human resources and other backgrounds are available
to supplement the expertise and services available to any client.





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