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Change can take many forms and present many challenges to leaders and to an organization. I like to
think of change as an orchestration. The art is in knowing when to bring in different musicians, how to set
the right tone and then, when you see it coming together, how to let the musicians take over to make
beautiful music. I can help you take the baton and lead the effort.

Getting others to come along. Knowing when change is necessary is half the trick. But the real challenge is convincing others
to come along with you. Building the business case for change, engaging your stakeholders and reinforcing successes as you
move through the change eases the way for everyone involved.

It’s like doing three jobs at once. You’ve got to keep doing your job today, figure out where you want to go and then create the
game plan for how you’re going to get from here to there. Orchestrating change involves many moving pieces. Tackling the impossible
by breaking it down into manageable pieces is critical. Change requires careful orchestration to keep everything going, everyone
moving and the path in focus along the way.

Weaving the change into the fabric of your culture. Change is like rubber band and it’ll snap back to what you moved from quickly
if not institutionalized into the norms of your culture. Processes, systems and organizational dialogue need to be reinvented to align
with the goals of any change process if it’s going to stay put.