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It’s very common for successful leaders to get coaching somewhere along their way to the top or to seek
it out for members of their team. My coaching focuses on communication skills and often helps new and old leaders understand their style and how it impacts their ability to be effective leaders.

We spend time addressing organization dynamics and stakeholder managment and how these impact a leader's effectiveness. When working with lawyers, we talk about the business of their practice and how they can differentiate themselves from their peers.

Here are a few scenarios that bring professionals to my doorstep.

You’ve got to play well with others. It’s a call I get on occasion. Leaders or employees behaving badly that need some
direct coaching to improve their style, mindset and impact on those around them.

We’ve got a potential lawsuit here. A coach can sometimes say what others can’t. Direct, candid feedback, along with behavioral
coaching, can right a precarious situation. And, if the participant is willing, the experience will create a new leader that exceeds
expectations in ways unthought-of of before.

They didn’t teach us that in school. New leaders thrown into a leadership position, without a safety net asked to figure it out on
their own. It can be a recipe for disaster until they quickly learn basic management skills and the tricks of navigating the politics
of an organization.

This person just doesn’t quite fit. They’ve got the experience and technical skills needed by the team but they are in need of
some help to understand the culture and how they might adapt to make the fit.